Our guide to getting 28 days off work using just 12 days' holiday during 2017

Welcome to 2017!  As usual the January blues will be making workers across Manchester think about booking their holidays for the next 12 months. As such January is a month we get a lot of enquiries. What's special about the January requests is the that they span all months of the year as people start to look ahead, planning a break to look forward to.

What many may not know is that with a bit of organisation it is actually possible to get 28 days away from work by using just 12 days' holiday.

Here's our guide to help you:

Firstly, get 18 days holiday for just nine days of leave...

Thanks to how the bank holidays will fall in 2017 you can get an 18 day spring break, and only use half of those as annual leave.

It's all because Good Friday falls on April 14th, with Easter Monday on April 17th.

The May Day bank holiday is on May 1st which means some workers could take April 14th to May 1st off work which is 18 days and you would only need to use nine days of your holiday.

Then, take another 10 days in the winter only using three days of holiday...

We already have bookings for Christmas 2017, it's never too early to arrange your pet care. 

We already have bookings for Christmas 2017, it's never too early to arrange your pet care. 

Christmas 2017 falls on Monday, December 25th, which means the Monday and Tuesday, December 26th are bank holidays.

The following Monday, January 1st, 2018 will also be a bank holiday.

So if you book December 27th to 29th as holidays, you can get 10 consecutive days off work by using only three days of holiday.

Once you have your holidays in place contact us to secure your dates in our diary and take the worry out of pet care whailst you are away. Our Cat & Pet Sitting prices remain the same again in 2017, after contacting us we will send out a personalised quotation. If you are new we will arrange to meet with you and the animals to discuss your booking in more detail, and register you as a Client.

Anything is possible with our Concierge style of service. We look forward to helping you enjoy your holidays.