Wilbur's Food

As you might know, Wilbur is fed a tailor-made blend made just for him by tails.com and it's going really well. We just wanted to recommend you give it a try if you're one of our doggie clients. You can try it free for 2 weeks with our unique code - just pay £1 for delivery.


Wilbur has been fed his special blend from Tails since April 2016. We love that the food is delivered so he never runs out (and we don't have to carry heavy bags of food), there is even a handy measure scoop which means Wilbur gets the right amount of his food at each meal. We have also been using the dental sticks recently developed by Tails which have been an ideal daily treat with the bonus that Wilbur's teeth are kept clean and healthy. 

We think that the food and the service is great but you can see what other people think at http://trustpilot.com/review/tails.com

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Start Your Trial  - click here