Dog Walking


The majority of common behavioural problems such as chewing and digging are simply the result of boredom and insufficient exercise. 

Dragonfly Pet Concierge offers a full range of services which are designed and personalised for those owners who may be at work during the day, elderly or unwell, have other commitments or are on holiday.



About Our Walks

  • We come to you and collect your dog(s), at an agreed time, so that you don't have to be there when they are taken out for a walk. We walk in their local neighbourhood or park so that their surroundings stay familiar.
  • We can transport your dogs to a park, allowing for more fun and exercise. We have chosen not to use dog vans as we don't feel this fits in with the ethos here at Dragonfly Pet Concierge.
  • Dogs will be walked on a lead initially but can be walked off lead if required - a disclaimer must be signed for his. This is a fully insured service.
  • All dogs are walked on a one-to-one basis unless you specifically request a group walk for socialisation. This allows for more interaction and better observation of your dog(s) - after all you are hiring us and we want to give you 100% of our attention.
  • If there is more than one dog in the household and provided they can safely be walked together there is a small £3.50 charge per additional dog, per walk.
  • We offer a flexible, daily or occasional service to suit your dogs needs.

Easy for Busy Owners

Dog walking made easy! Regular clients schedule directly through WhatsApp or TXT Message and can sign up for Block Bookings with great savings.

Tailored to your Dog

All our walks are completely tailored to your dogs needs. Dogs are individuals and we strongly believe in catering our walks to them.

Peace of Mind

Dragonfly Pet Concierge is a well-established and respected pet service provider giving you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of when you aren't at home. We keep you in the loop through your chosen method be it instantly via WhatsApp or a Pet Journal which you can read when you get home.

Price List