Other Services


Here at Dragonfly Pet Concierge we have developed flexible booking options so that you can easily tailor our pet sitting service to your needs. Any household with a dog will be able to create a personalised service plan by building options onto the 'standard service'. We also cater especially for cat only households as well as those with small animals. 

You do not need to have a pet to benefit from our security and home-sitting services we welcome interest from those who simply require peace of mind whilst on holiday.

Households with a Dog

  • Standard Service £25.00 per day
  • One visit in the morning, feed, water and toilet break.
  • One visit in the evening, feed water and toilet break.
  • PLUS FREE Walk (in the morning or evening visit)
  • Add an additional walk for the reduced rate of £5.00 to the other visit (meaning there will be two walks per day) and at third visit for a reduced fee of £10.00 (save £2.50).

One Off Visits for Registered Clients who are using our Key Holding Service are charged at £14 for households with a dog and can be booked any time.

Cat Only Households

  • For more information head over to our cat sitting page here

Small Animals

  • We can board small animals at our own home from just £1.42 per day. But should you wish us to visit your small animal at your home we charge £8 per visit.


Sleepovers involve staying from the evening until the morning at our clients home. We charge £40.00 per night for the first 4 nights then just £35.00 per night for the rest of the booking. Add extra visits in the afternoon if needed for £8.00 (30m) or £12 (1h). This is a very popular service but with limited spaces, first come first served.


Dragonfly Pet Concierge offers a full range of services which are designed and personalised for puppy owners who may be at work during the day, have other commitments or are on holiday. A large amount of common behavioural problems such as chewing and digging are simply the result of boredom and insufficient exercise. Puppies especially need extra love and care. Leaving young puppies at home for the first time can be worrying both for you and the dog, we are here to offer support during this crucial time.

Our Puppy Visit Service

  • We will come to your home within a prescribed time period and play with your puppy in the familiar surroundings of your home.
  • When your puppy is old enough and has had vaccinations we are able to provide a puppy walking service which will help to socialise your puppy and include lots of fun games.
  • Includes feeding and providing water as well as cleaning up any accidents and providing toilet breaks.
  • Flexible, daily or occasional service to suit your puppies needs.
  • Includes care for any other animals for example letting the cat in and out. Price is per household not per pet - two puppies? No problem and no extra cost.
  • We can send you text or e-mail updates to tell you how your new best friend is getting.

Puppy's First Week(s) Alone

The 'first week alone' package is designed to ease the stress for your puppy when being left alone for the first time. You create your own visiting schedule from the options below deciding what you think is needed for your puppy.

  • 1 Visit of 1 hour £12
  • 2 visits of 1 hour £21


On our trips we provide your dog with a fun, healthy day in local dog friendly locations, the country or beach and you with a worry-free day. Your best friend will be in caring hands while running, sniffing and exploring the great outdoors. A large amount of common behavioural problems such as chewing and digging are simply the result of boredom and insufficient exercise, neither will be the case on our day trip providing essential enrichment for your loving friend.

Our day trip service includes:

  • We will come to your home within a prescribed time period in the morning and collect your dog(s) the trip includes all transport.
  • Dogs will be walked on a lead unless owners request off lead exercise (owners must sign a disclaimer for this service).
  • Your dog(s) will be walked in a small group of no more than 6 (we usually only take 4 dogs on our days out) unless a 1-2-1 trip is booked.
  • If there is more than one dog in the household and you would like all your dogs to enjoy a day out a reduced rate applies for the second dog
  • Spring water, treats and toys will be given
  • Digital photos of the days adventure are taken for you to enjoy on our return
  • Health, happiness, and fresh air
  • Longer trips last approximately 6 to 8 hours, for your pets comfort we do not travel more than 1.5h away by car. 3 Hour local walks available every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month.


Our Pamper Days are excellent as treats for your dog or part of a regular schedule. We take every care to make the day as special as possible, with a fantastic mix of enrichment and relaxation. Its not just the dogs that love them we do too!

Dragonfly Pet Concierge will arrange the whole day leaving you with nothing to worry about. We will collect your pet in the morning, the pamper day starts with exercise: a 1 hour 30 minute fun walk in the park/woods/countryside (whichever is suitable). A light meal is then provided after this we will arrive at the groomers - we use K9 Swim Dog Grooming Salon unless you request your own groomers, where your dog will be the center of attention receiving a bath and groom. Eyes and ears will be cleansed and treats provided. Finally an oral cleanse will leave your dog with a fresh breath to match its perfect appearance. We return your dog home for a much deserved sleep... It's a Dogs Life.

  • Collection/Return
  • 1 Hour 30 Minute Walk
  • Light Meal
  • Groom  - inc. bathing, drying, de-matting, brushing, with clipping/sissor finish by K9 Swim
  • Eye and Ear Clense
  • Treats
  • Oral Cleanse
  • £49-£55 small breeds
  • £55-£65 med/large breeds
    (costs depend on specific breed cuts)

Dragonfly Pet Concierge organises a Doggy Day Trip with a difference every second Saturday of the Month. As an addition to our Doggy Day Trips (which take place the first Saturday and Third Saturday of the Month) our Pamper Day combines a long fun walk with a trip to our grooming partners K9 Swim.


'Welcome Home'

We encourage our clients to leave a shopping list should they desire fresh bread, tea, coffee, milk etc. on their return.


We are able to open/close curtains, turn lights/T.V. on/off as desired to give the illusion the house is lived in. (see our FAQ's for more info).

Cleaning Services

We are happy to wash any leftover pots from the day of your departure and wipe down surfaces. As with all our services we will clean up after your animals so knowing where your vacuum cleaner is stored is always an advantage. Wheelie bins are also put out/taken in

Texts or E-mails

If you are nervous about leaving your pet behind and want to know what they have been up to then you can receive texts or emails to find out just how they are getting on. Or why not connect with us on WhatsApp. 


We can water plants at your request both inside and out, as well as sweep leaves and basic garden maintenance.