Why we don't use Vans


Your dog is probably not use to travelling in a cage in the back of a Van. Most dog walkers use vans to transport dogs to local parks, this is done to maximise the number of dogs taken on a walk with little regard to the stress being caged in a van can cause to your pet. We have never and will never use caged vans to transport our clients' beloved pets. Unlike police dogs, your dog will probably not have had training from a young age to cope with the experience of being caged in the back of a moving vehicle and as a result of this we could never think of using a van.

Vans have little to no windows, they are noisy, could mean your dog will spend more time in the back of a van than walking due to dropping off other clients, and are only a benefit to the walker and add nothing to the dogs experience or walk. Put simply they can cause stress and anxiety unnecessarily.

You may notice that even dog walkers with vans stress that they will aim to have your dog home as quickly as possible. Some will even acknowledge that your dog will probably be in the van, caged in a crate for an extended amount of time because there are other dogs to drop off first. We believe there is no reason why your dog should be expected to be stuck in a van just because it is more cost effective to collect and walk all dogs at the same time.

Security - for your home's safety

A van with signage clearly showing that you are using a pet sitting service is excellent for the dog walker/pet sitter looking to gain new business but does not offer much protection to clients who are on holiday. Having a van turn up outside your house when you are away advertising pet services will be noticed by thieves as a clear reminder that you are on your holidays, perfect for a visit late at night.

Our dog walking service:

  • We come to you and collect your dog(s), at an agreed time, so that you don't have to be there when they are taken out for a walk. We walk in their local neighbourhood or park so that their surroundings stay familiar.

  • We can transport your dogs to a park or wooded area if requested, allowing for more fun and exercise.

  • Dogs will be walked on a lead intially but can be walked off lead if required - a disclaimer must be signed for his.

  • All dogs are walked on a one-to-one basis unless you specifically request a group walk for socialisation. This allows for more interaction and better observation of your dog(s).

  • If there is more than one dog in the household and provided they can safely be walked together there is a small £3.50 charge per additional dog, per walk.

  • We offer a flexible, daily or occasional service to suit your dogs needs.